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Black Knights Of Khyber 

Welcome fellow Black Knights to the Black Knights of Khyber website! On here I will put News,Polls, And Events! Also Any Black Knight That signs up Can Talk,Vote,Comment,Chat,Post game pictures, Or just shout out to our Guild or Bother Guilds. Also be sure to check out the Rules and Regulations in information Section. If you are wondering above is a picture of Black Knights. Below Is the story of the Black Knight (That I made up). Be sure to check out the rest of the page and hopfully sign up. See you around..
Story of the Black Knight....

 Black Knights were created a long time ago……  The time when the  king of Khyber was around. At this time there was a big war going on and many of the kings knights were dying. So the king made a group of knights called "The Black Knights of Khyber." These Knights were so hard core legend says one Black Knight could kill 3 dragons without a single burn! Years passed by eventually the king and his elite crew of Black Knights passed away……  A couple days later evil made its move! Demons invaded towns! Hobgoblins ripped apart villages! Soon all there was is cages, blood, and darkness….. The devil finally ruled the land! He re-named the city as Cibera and took everyone in it as slaves! Until one day when a little boy was mining he stumbled across something black he dug up the rest and he found one of the few Black Knights armor! Right then and there he decided to bring the elite Black Knight back! He got his wizard friend to send a bird to send the news to all of his friends….. All of his friends accepted his offer of becoming a Black Knight. They all knew they weren’t ready so they all promised to secretly go out at night and train….. 20 years went by fast and all of the training Black Knights were ready to become real Black Knights….. First thing they did was challenge the devil! They said “devil we have had enough of you we challenge you to a fight! If we win all of Khyber’s people are free! If you win you can wipe out all of our people!”   “Sounds quiet reasonable” said the devil “now let’s get this over with” the devil grabbed his golden sword got in a fighting stance. The Black Knights had other ideas…. They all drawled their swords quickly and charged at the devil from all sides! SLASH!!!!! Seconds later the devil lay dead on the floor and all the people of Khyber were free and Cibera was re-named back to Khyber again…. Now they make army’s of Black Knights so that evil will never bother Khyber again….




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Leveled Up and Guild Fund.

7ryana, Apr 1, 12 11:39 AM.
​Hello Everyone. Guess what? We leveled up! We are now level 33! Also I figured out Some of you don't really know  what a Guild Fund is. A Guild fund is a bunch of Plat That has been donated to mostly help out lowbies in the guild. It is also use for helping all the other guild members. So if you ever want to donate Please send your Plat Gold whatever to me Jaszminekree. If you want to see how much there is in it There is a widget. Its is the Second Widget on the Right side. So that is all today and Ill see ya around in the game.  Bye 

New Crafter!

7ryana, Mar 19, 12 8:06 PM.
​Hello everyone I have some good news we now have a Crafter! His name is Trusker and he will craft things for you. We just need to provide him With essences. So you can give him some request and he will do his best and remember to keep the essences coming bye! 

Update and Info

7ryana, Mar 18, 12 12:04 PM.
Hello Black Knights. Today I am just going to give all you a quick update and inform you on some new things. First thing I wanted to talk about is the Info. As you may know raid day is now on Saturday, and also in the summer it will always be raid day. By that I mean Like any day you can just go and plan up a raid with some guildies. Next I wanted to just update you on some game and guild updates. First I will start out with the game update. As you know update 13 is coming out and if you are like me you can't wait! So Here is just a "Guided Tour" of Update 13  Next is guild updates, as you know raid day is now on Saturday instead of Sunday. Also we had a poll for if we should have raid day every day in the summer and guess what The Option "HECK YEA!" Won.  So that is really all for today so have fun and Ill see you around. 


7ryana, Mar 10, 12 10:56 AM.
Hello Black Knights! We have some changes. Raid day will now be on Saturday instead of Sunday. Also In the summer every day will be raid day. So yea that is really all. See ya around :) p.s. if you have any questions about this just ask :)

Doing a little better and Crafter

7ryana, Feb 17, 12 3:44 PM.
Hey Everyone! If this is your first time on the website be sure to check out the new Rules and Regulations. Also We have been working on staying active we are doing better. But we still need a little work. Also as you know we are looking for a crafter so Officers keep a eye out. Thats all see ya around and stay acitve :)
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